Graduate Academic Preparation Programs - Enerji Sistemleri Mühendisliği Bölümü
Graduate Academic Preparation Programs

The graduate students who will study the academic preparation must fill out Form-19 available in the address:, after they choose the courses on the table below, and submit it to the head of Department of Energy Systems Engineering during the course enrollment period.

In accordance with Gazi University Education and Examination Regulation, academic preparation courses appear in student transcript however this courses are not taken into account in calculation of graduate grade point average (GPA).

Academic preparation students must be succeed at least four  academic preparation courses which specified on the table below. ESM-202 Thermodynamics II, ESM-309 Fluid Mechanics II which specified in the list with * sign are prerequisite courses and in order to take this course, students must be succeed in ESM-203 Thermodynamics I and ESM-210 Fluid Mechanics I courses.

Additionally, students who enrolled in an academic preparation program can choose no more than two graduate courses besides academic preparation courses.

Academic preparation undergraduate courses which required for our department graduate education are as below.


  I. Semester (Fall):

 II. Semester (Spring)

 Course Code 

 Course Title

Course Code 

 Course Title


 Thermodynamics I


 Thermodynamics II


 Heat and Mass Transfer


 Strength of Materials


 Machine Elements


 Fluid Mechanics I


 Fluid Mechanics II