SUMMER and WORKSHOP PRACTICES - Enerji Sistemleri Mühendisliği Bölümü

Our undergraduate students have to take place at least 60 days SUMMER PRACTICE, and WORKSHOP PRACTICE (in 7th or 8th semester) based on ‘’GAZI UNIVERSITY, TECHNOLOGY FACULTY, INDUSTRY PRACTICE INSTRUCTION’’ to take Energy Systems Engineering Diploma. Our students must follow below requirements in table related to the SUMMER PRACTICE. 





Manufacturing processes

Welding, machining; turbine, boiler, heat exchanger, tank design and production etc.

At least 12 workdays

Energy generation power plant

Hydraulic, thermal, wind, solar, geothermal etc.

At least 12 workdays

Management and organization

Factory management system, assembly and organization related to manufacturing etc.

At least 12 workdays

Energy efficiency applications on industry and buildings

Insulation,  compensation, automatic control etc.

At least 12 workdays

Energy projects and sanitary applications

Project, building site etc.

At least 12 workdays



Total at least 60 workdays


  • SUMMER PRACTICE can be performed excluding education term and exam days.
  • If students can perform SUMMER PRACTICE abroad, they can take place their SUMMER PRACTICE in industries which we have contracted agreements. Students can apply online for this situation. They must give to Foreign Relations Office their application forms and transcripts. At least 2.2/4 grade for B.Sc, at least 2.5/4 grade for MSc and PhD are necessary. Students who have these grades can take a Foreign Language Exam. These students must take at least 50/100 points to pass the exam. The students who have passed the exam must give to Foreign Relations Office their letters of intent. The maximum SUMMER PRACTICE duration is 90 workdays.