Programme Information

Energy Systems Engineering Department is a discipline in which all kinds of energy are planned, projected and applied sufficient in a way continuously, low-cost and  environmentally. Engineers graduated from Energy Systems Engineering Department design the systems, answer the required questions, install the appropirate systems. Besides of these, they manufacture, repair and maintenance of these systems and applications. 

Our department has a Semester in Industry Course programme. Our students spend a semester working full-time for an industrial company. This will put academic study into context and enhance career prospects of our students. They also graduate with a degree title that reflects their industrial experience. Placements take place in fall or spring semester in fourth year for students.  It is an opportunity for students to put theoritical informations into practice, to learn about workplace culture and to develop the skills and qualities employers are looking for. Work experience will improve student's employment prospects. Semester in Industry application for our undergraduate program is compulsory. This provides students to spend a semester working in industry as part of their degree and then graduate with a degree title that reflects their work experience.