Energy Efficiency Training Program Was Held
12 January 2023 | 20:04

In-service training on "Energy Efficiency" was organized by the Training Branch of the Personnel Department of our University for academic and administrative staff. Our Head of Department Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aktaş participated in the online training program moderated by Education Branch Director Aydın Kayaer as a speaker.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aktaş stated that as a researcher in the program, he thinks that energy should be taken from the sun and stored as much as possible, and continued: "Not only on campuses, but all over the world, environmentally friendly structures should be built and environmentally friendly materials should be used. Every year in the second week of January, awareness activities on the efficient use of energy are carried out within the scope of "Energy Saving Week". With the Energy Efficiency Law No. 2007, which entered into force in 5627 in our country, regulations were introduced to increase the efficiency in the use of energy resources and energy for the effective use of energy, to prevent waste, to alleviate the burden of energy costs on the economy, and to protect the environment.

In this context, our university has started to contribute to research on energy efficiency by identifying priority areas. There are good studies about this in our university."

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aktaş touched on the current situation related to energy and gave detailed information to the participants on the Energy Efficiency Law (ENVER), energy performance in buildings, energy identity certificate, how to plan energy efficiency studies, solar energy, energy cost, carbon emissions, global warming, life process climate performance, Montreal Protocol, Kyoto Protocol, green campus, utilization in renewable energy, energy efficiency in lighting. Gave.

At the end of his speech, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aktaş, who gave advice on energy efficiency, said, "Let's not use high energy consuming devices, we should prefer devices that consume minimum energy when buying coolers, heaters and other electronic devices. In addition, we must take insulation measures to prevent heat loss. In newly designed buildings, it is now necessary to use renewable energy technologies as much as possible. The concept of almost zero-energy buildings has been introduced. We must pay attention to such details as not leaving the taps, lamps on. The main key to energy efficiency is that it is sustainable. Our students should continue this culture after graduating from this campus."

The In-Service Training program on "Energy Efficiency" ended with the answering of the participants' questions.

Click here to watch the program.

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